Welcome to KwikPiks.com!
06/14/2007 10:28AM

Free Image Hosting for everyone!

You can use KwikPiks.com for hosting your images for use on forums, websites, and whatever else you want.

The only rules - nothing copyrighted allowed. You've got one strike in that department. If I get more than one e-mail saying that you've got pictures that don't belong to you, you're out.


Image Gallery
06/18/2007 04:51AM

You can now share certain files in an easy to view gallery. To activate your gallery, simply visit


Obviously, replace YOURUSERNAME with your username. The only thing left for you to do is upoad your pictures to the albums folder in your files. You can create directories within this folder if you'd like to separate and categorize the images.

After that, you should be able to view your gallery at the same address as above. Enjoy!

Account Details
06/14/2007 10:35AM

Accounts are free for all to use.

Basic account details are:
100MB disk space
5MB max file size
5GB bandwidth
20 folders maximum

If you need more space or bandwidth, contact me and I'm sure we can arrange something.